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Product Highlights
You arrive in your office and find a RAC record request letter awaiting you. 100 records, due back in 45 days. Someone has to pull and review the records, scan or copy them, keep track of each step along the way, and make sure they are all packaged and mailed before the deadline. And that's just the beginning.

Sound overwhelming? We can help.

Introducing AUDITTrax from NJHA-Healthcare Business Solutions, a workflow tool for managing audits.

Product features include:

  • Ensures compliance with stringent audit timeframes and deadlines
  • Centralizes facility audit response
  • Uses familiar and straightforward user dashboards and work queues
  • Monitors facility appeal filings and status
  • Eases the administrative burden with built in appeal letters and correspondence templates
  • Sorts the work queue to identify any "bottlenecks"
  • Provides due date color coding and e-mail alerts and reminders
  • Creates comprehensive reports to show current status of audits including turnaround time of medical record processing, denials by type, coder, physician and/or reason
  • Minimizes printing time and costs through output to CD or DVD
  • Offers a very low subscription fee, with use of two systems for the price of one - a "Staging" or training system and the "Live" system

AUDIT Trax Fact Sheet

Download this PDF to share information about AUDITTrax with your colleagues.


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